Drugged (4 parts)

This gritty, hard-hitting series offers drug addicts the chance to get clean by putting them through medical and psychological testing, and revealing the devastating effects that their drug use has had on both their minds and bodies.

01 High On Marijuana01 High On MarijuanaFollow an entire marijuana high from start to finish. Nat Geo takes viewers on a journey through our organs from the first inhalation of cannabis to the lung membranes and into the bloodstream. Hear from users who enjoy cannabis for reasons including creativity, stress reduction and medicinal purposes. Gaining insights from doctors and experts, we’ll expand our understanding of what marijuana really does to our bodies.
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02 High On Cocaine02 High On CocaineCocaine: a powerful and a destructive drug glamorized by models, rock stars and celebrities. We zoom inside the human body from the moment the substance enters our systems. With the guidance of doctors, we learn about the intense highs and painful lows of one of the most widely used stimulants in the U.S.
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03 High On Ecstasy03 High On EcstasyEcstasy, commonly referred to as X, is one of the most popular illegal drugs in America, taken regularly by three-quarters of a million people See the amazing biological effects the drug has on the body and how it produces feelings of empathy. Nat Geo cameras go inside clubs and parties to witness firsthand how users respond to the substance in a social environment.
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04 Alcohol04 AlcoholRyan turned to alcohol when his father, who was also an alcoholic, passed away four years ago. In just four years, Ryan has done severe damaged to his body, and yet he seems fully aware of the danger he’s in, and oddly” My organs are shot. They hurt every day,” he said at one point. “It would be weird feeling if they didn’t.” And yet still he wouldn’t stop drinking. While Ryan did agree to and enter rehab at the end of filming, he died just 17 days into treatment.
Free download: Mediafire

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