Drugs Inc. (9 parts)

01 Cocaine01 CocaineThis episode will follow its trail from the perspective of the peasant farmers who grow cocaine, a trafficker tied to Mexican cartels and a 28-year-old crack dealer in Miami’s poorest neighbourhood. Additionally the devastation of cocaine addiction will be revealed via revolutionary brain photography in a leading laboratory in Brookhaven, New York.
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02 Crack02 CrackFueling crime and violence like no other drug on the planet; crack cocaine is deadly, and so addictive that users will do anything to get their hands on it.
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03 Crystal Meth03 Crystal MethSome call methamphetamine the “Devil’s Drug.” Often made in less than an hour from a common cold remedy, this powerful stimulant is sweeping across the U.S. and Asia. Follow a raid on a suspected meth lab, stake out a neighborhood pharmacy where addicts attempt to accumulate cold and flu pills, and meet a neuroscientist urgently searching for a cure for addiction. See the dangers of meth and the unexpected physical damages caused by the drug.
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04 Designer Drugs04 Designer DrugsDesigner drugs are the new battleground in the global war on narcotics. For a few dollars, users can access dozens of compounds that mimic cocaine, ecstasy or marijuana. Sold as Bath Salts or Spice, these drugs are entirely legal.
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05 Ecstacy05 EcstacyKnown by users as the ultimate “love drug,” ecstasy’s euphoric high comes with major lows: Ravers have died from it and organized crime gangs will kill for it. In California, students “dial-a-deal” – ordering the drug over the phone and having it delivered directly to their door. Ecstasy is a synthetic drug that is chemically similar to the stimulant methamphetamine and the hallucinogen mescaline.
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06 Hallucinogens06 HallucinogensOnce hailed as a magic bullet cure-all, psychedelic drugs are centre stage of a new medical frontier. Deep in the Amazon, Rob – a former Wall Street broker turned healer – has created a free clinic of sorts, administering the highly potent narcotic ayahuasca to trauma patients.
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07 Hash07 HashSmuggling hashish from the remote Moroccan Riff Mountains to the streets of Europe is a dirty, dangerous business. A former British gangster serves as guide into this illicit underworld, visiting a secret hash-making location nestled in the mountains.
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08 Ketamine08 KetamineKetamine—chemically, a compound called Ketamine hydrochloride—is a drug that was developed in the 1960’s to sedate animals and humans for surgery, though it eventually was replaced by medications that worked faster with less risk. Beginning in the 1990s, initially to the puzzlement of police, burglars began breaking into veterinary clinics and stealing Ketamine.
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09 Pill Nation09 Pill Nation Opiate pain pills are the drug of choice for the 21st century. Known as Hillbilly Heroin, they can be found in every town and city across the United States. From the poorest trailer home to the most expensive mansion, painkillers are tearing apart the fabric of American society.
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