A Girls Guide To 21st Century Sex (8 parts)

A Girl’s Guide to 21st Century Sex is an 8 part TV series about sex, billed as a documentary and presented by Dr. Catherine Hood. The programme remains perhaps the most explicit ever to be broadcast on mainstream UK television. Each episode explains a sex position and covers a sexually transmitted disease.

Additionally the following topics are covered: sex among handicapped and overweight people, penis enlargement devices, penis enlargement surgery, anal sex, tantric sex, the g-spot, erectile dysfunction, sex reassignment surgery, cosmetic surgery of the vagina (labiaplasty), swinging, lichen sclerosus, the use of recreational drugs during sex, sex on public toilets, full body plastic wrap bondage and sex dolls.

01 Episode 1
Episode 1
Secrets of the female orgasm and how woman can ejaculate like men, best way to make love if you’re overweight, what happens inside a vagina during male ejaculation and what men can learn from women who have sex with other women.
Free download: Mediafire

02 Episode 2
Episode 2
Men’s secret desire to have a bigger penis, which methods of enlargement really work? How to properly stimulate a woman’s clitoris and the shocking story of a woman that cut off her husbands penis.
Free download: Mediafire

03 Episode 3
Episode 3
Topics covered include: The G-Spot, Delayed Orgasm, Sexual Role Playing, Premature Ejaculation, Side Slide, and Pregnant Sex.
Free download: Mediafire

04 Episode 4
Episode 4
The dangers of taking illegal drugs to enhance sexual pleasure, embracing male masturbation, sex and the physically disabled and Peyronie, the condition that makes the penis bend making sex impossible.
Free download: Mediafire

05 Episode 5
Episode 5
Why some couples no longer consider anal sex taboo, one of the best sexual positions for pregnant women and well endowed men: the spoons, and the secrets of tantric sex: men can have multiple orgasms too.
Free download: Mediafire

06 Episode 6
Episode 6
When three is not a crowd; why having sex with multiple partners is becoming increasingly popular, Lichen Sclerosis a potentially devastating skin condition that can make penetrative sex impossible, the art of spanking as erotic foreplay and bondage fetishes.
Free download: Mediafire

07 Episode 7
Episode 7
Why getting old needn’t mean an end to your sex life and why some men enjoy the thrill and danger of sex in public places.
Free download: Mediafire

08 Episode 8
Episode 8
Designer vaginas: the women getting genital makeovers, first hand tips to perfect mutual masturbation, how does a woman become a man and a penis become a vagina.
Free download: Mediafire

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