Strippers (3 parts)

With the number of strip clubs having doubled over the last 10 years, more and more young British women are turning to lap dancing to make a living. The series discovers how the dancers handle the stigma attached to their profession and the impact it has on their friends, family and relationships.

01 Glasgow

The first episode is based in Glasgow, at strip-club Diamond Dolls, sprawling over three floors and employing over 40 dancers. Diamond Dolls is run by house mother Shelley, who has worked in the business for 20 years, firstly as a dancer and later looking after the girls.

02 Edinburgh

This second episode is based on a single junction in Edinburgh, which is home to three lap-dancing bars, a neon-lit area known as the ‘Pubic Triangle’. It is the highest concentration of strip clubs anywhere in the UK.

Eighteen-year-old Charley is trying to juggle stripping with studying for a college degree; Vivi is desperately trying to make ends meet; and ambitious Cuban Barbara has earned up to £4000 per night.

03 Aberdeen

Vicky started stripping as soon as she turned 18 and is addicted to the lifestyle; Lilly is using stripping as a stepping stone to her dream career as a Page 3 girl; touring strippers Danni and Xena travel the world dancing to fund Danni’s MA in Art and Xena’s love of adventure.

Meanwhile, Jodie had to give up stripping after being diagnosed with arthritis in her knees. She now works on her own website doing online porn from her back bedroom.

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