Hardcore Profits

01 Episode I

Tim Samuels explores how in the 21st century, pornography has never been more profitable or more pervasive. Tim sees how pornography is now piped into people’s lives via new technologies and how this is creating powerful new revenue streams for supposedly ‘family friendly’ mobile phone and credit card companies. Tim discovers how the Internet has spawned ‘Porn 2.0’.

He travels to the US headquarters of a porn website with millions of users, and has the opportunity to get ‘hands on’ with their latest porn technology. Tim finds out that the spread of porn is having far-reaching consequences. On porn sets in LA, Tim sees that condoms are rarely used, and in Africa, he finds that these American condom-free movies can undermine safe sex education, increasing the risk of HIV infections.

02 Episode II

The second part explores the way in which porn is becoming more pervasive and extreme, and how even pensioners and religious organisations aren’t immune to indirectly profiting from porn.

On set in America, Tim meets actors who say they feel pressure to undertake increasingly hardcore sex acts, and talks about this to the ‘godfather of porn’ Larry Flynt, who tells him that even he thinks porn is going too far.

After meeting with an ethical investment adviser to see if it is possible to avoid porn when creating investment portfolios, Tim examines pension and religious investment funds that seem to be profiting from the porn industry.

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