Legendary Sin Cities (3 parts)

In the period between the first and second world wars, Berlin, Paris and Shanghai were notorious hot spots of sin and vice. Debauchery, brutality and corruption commingled with art, culture and political liberties. Tolerance and freedom were pushed to their limits. This revealing new documentary series is filled with rare, evocative archival film and photos.

01 Berlin: Metropolis of Vice
01 Berlin
Berlin transformed itself into the Babylon of the world. Degenerate cabarets, bars, and clubs catering to every sexual daydream sprang up like mushrooms. Censorship was all but non-existent.
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02 Paris: The Crazy Years
02 Paris
Prostitution was legal, brothels flourished. Petty thieves, drug dealers and street walkers packed the all-night bars of Montmartre where cheap sex and cheap booze drew the tourists. The art students’ ball took over the streets in a public orgy of alcohol and sex.
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03 Shanghai: Paradise For Adventurers
03 Shanghai
Nightclubs never closed and hotels supplied heroin with room service. No passport was required. Refugees of war, poverty and politics wandered the streets among the gangsters, prostitutes and cops.
Free download: Mediafire

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