The Union – The Business Behind Getting High

The Union - The Business Behind Getting High
– Why is marijuana illegal? – What health risks do we really face? – Does prohibition work? – What would happen if we taxed it? – Medicine, paper, fuel, textiles, food, etc. Are we missing something?

Follow filmmaker Adam Scorgie as he dives head first into Canada’s most socially acceptable illegal activity. Along the way, Adam demystifies the underground market and brings to light how such a large industry can function while remaining illegal. By interviewing experts from around the globe, including growers, clippers, police officers, criminologists, economists, medical doctors, politicians and pop culture icons, Scorgie examines the cause and effect nature of the business behind getting high.

An excellent documentary on marijuana, exposing how ignorance and vested interests can lead to collective irrationality and a deadweight loss to our general welfare. One wonders what would benefit US society more: keeping locked up at taxpayers’ expense close to 50 thousand violators of marijuana laws, or incarcerating all major opponents of marijuana legalization who have knowingly promoted lies and misinformation?
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