The Secrets Of Underground Britain (3 parts)

Uncover the truth behind the secret escape tunnels linking Parliament, Downing Street and Buckingham Palace. Discover Edinburgh’s underground city of caves … hidden from prying eyes for centuries. Explore classified underground establishments built by the Government during World War II. Follow the cameras as these, and many more, mysteries are unravelled before your eyes!

01 Hidden History

From Norman to Victorian times, explore the strange forts, mines, caves, rivers and much more, all previously hidden from our eyes. From Liverpool’s extraordinary Williamson tunnels to disused passages under the Thames, see a side of the past rarely mentioned in the history books!

02 Wartime Secrets

Travel into the deep-level shelters whose huge oval entrances can still be seen in London’s parkland. Discover the amazing underground secrets of World War II – from the tunnels secretly built under the cities to the bunkers designed to house the rich and powerful in times of danger.

03 Modern Mysteries

You might be forgiven for thinking that tales of covert operations hatched in dark, forbidding bunkers were the stuff of fantasy – until you comb the relics of Cold War Britain! Come face to face with the chilling reality of how the authorities planned for an uncertain future.

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