Kids Selling Drugs Online

Stacey Dooley goes undercover in the growing criminal world of Britain’s digital drug dealers. Using fake profiles on Instagram, Snapchat … More

Drugs Inc. (9 parts)

01 CocaineThis episode will follow its trail from the perspective of the peasant farmers who grow cocaine, a trafficker tied … More

Our Drugs War (3 parts)

Documentary series examining the global story of drugs, from Afghanistan’s poppy fields to the streets of New York and the … More

Cannabis – The Evil Weed

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Dangerous Prescription

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Narco Bling

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Mind Altering Drugs

San Pedro cactus, peyote, coca leaves and ganja have been part of shamanism in cultures around the world. This National … More

Iraq’s War On Meth

Iraq’s oil-rich southern province, Basra, is in the grip of a crystal meth epidemic. High levels of unemployment, poverty and … More

Drugged (4 parts)

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The Downside Of High

The Downside of High, tells the stories of three young people from British Columbia who believe – along with their … More

Operation Julie

Lyn Ebenezer presents this drama-documentary about the major Police operation during the 1970s which closed down one of the largest … More

Inside LSD

Albert Hofmann called it “medicine for the soul.” Secret military mind control experiments exploited its hallucinogenic powers. Outlawed in 1966, … More

The House I Live In

Why We Fight’s director Eugene Jarecki shifts his focus from the military industrial complex to the War on Drugs, in … More

The Philippine Drug War

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Part I This addictive series follows border patrol and customs staff as they try to stem the tide of illegal … More

Over The Counter Addiction

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Peru’s Cocaine Trail

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Raw Opium

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The Jungle Prescription

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Super Weed

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Deadly By Design

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